Billing Questions

We will discuss the cost of your individualized treatment plan with you before we start treatment. We require a 1/3 payment upfront, and establish a monthly payment schedule for the balance.

If you have any questions regarding financing your orthodontic treatments, please discuss them with us. We work as a team with our patients to insure excellent service and open communication.

If for any reason you fall behind in your financial arrangements, please do not miss appointments; this can adversely affect treatment. If you should fall behind in your payments, please contact our Financial Coordinator.

Usually the monthly installment payments for treatment are spread over the number of months of the active treatment. We request that financial obligations are paid in full at the time braces are removed.

When you have completed your financial obligation, there will be no additional charges even if treatment has not been completed or if treatment takes longer than anticipated. The only exception to this is an additional charge for a lost or broken retainer, mouth guard, night guard, or a Panorex x-ray to evaluate third molars.

We do not charge for cancelled appointments or for emergency visits.

We accept Visa and MasterCard if you prefer to pay by credit card.

If you have any question about your account, please email Joy at